Test Scoring

Test Scoring Services

Full Service Scanning

There are full service options for 3-8 ELA and Math Assessments and NYS Regents Examination Data Collection. Click here for more information.

In-district scan

For Regents and Science 4 & 8, another option allows districts to In-District Scan them. Districts opting for this service have access to the testscore.wnyric.org website to verify the data and view preliminary reports. They can use exports from the website for direct loading into student management systems. For Regents, this can eliminate reported score discrepancies in the WNYRIC Data Warehouse. Click here for more information.

Just-In-Time Scanning

Typically, for smaller districts, this option for for Regents and Science 4 and 8 allows the district to scan the answer sheets and have RIC personnel verify the answer sheet data using the Test Scoring application. Click here for more information.