New District Data Coordinator Center

New District Data Coordinator Resources Center

New to the District Data Coordinator position? This Resource Center can help you get started in your new role. Follow the steps below and email us at when you have any questions.

This form is used to remove an existing DDC, add a new DDC, update contact information for additional interested personnel, and edit other contact information for the district. NYSED should also be informed of this change; instructions as to how to notify NYSED are on the form. Completion of this form will also add you to our DDC email group for important reminders and notifications.

Notification Change Form

If you have a user at your district with CIO level access, they can create your account. If not, complete the form attached and return to Dataview. Access can be limited to only Student Data, only HR (staff) data, or both. Determine the level of access needed based on your district’s needs.

Level 0 CIO Access – Student Data 

Level 0 CIO Access – HR Data

The Level 1 Data Warehouse provides reports and data visualizations that can be used to help you in your data coordinator role. 

Level 1 Data Warehouse User Security Form

NYSED L2RPT, or SIRS Reports, show what data has been reported to the State. Access to these reports is granted through a SEDDAS entitlement and is handled by each district. Typically, your Superintendent handles SEDDAS entitlements. 

SEDDAS Entitlement Guide

If you will need access to the WNYRIC Test Scoring site, complete the form below. Questions about Test Scoring can be directed to

Test Scoring User Security Access Form

WNYRIC offers a 3 part training course for new DDCs. The dates for the upcoming school year and the cost are on the registration form. If you are starting mid-year, you may still be able to join the class, or wait until the next session begins. 

New DDC Registration Form

Contact if the sessions have already started.

WNYRIC has 4 quarterly meetings for DDC each year. Data collection requirements, updates, and tips are discussed. Typically, meetings are in September, December, March, and May. DDCs are required to attend all 4 meetings. 

Quarterly DDC Meeting Flyer

The Dataview Portal (, or click Home above) has a variety of resources for DDCs and anyone involved in the NYSED Data Collection process. You can find information on trainings, contact information, and access the Regional Level 1 Data Warehouse and Level 2 (L2RPT) from our site.